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    “SATS HK is the leading airport solutions provider.”致力令新翔(香港)成為 香港國際機場領先的地勤服務公司。 致力令新翔(香港)成为香港国际机场领先的地勤服务公司。





Service Excellence

Service Excellence 卓越的服務 卓越的服务

We strive to provide excellent services, creating a good travelling experience for customers以服務打造客戶優質旅行體驗 以服務打造客戶優質旅行體驗
Employee Care

Employee Care 員工關懷 员工关怀

We value, care and develop our staff to enjoy the most fulfilling career.重視關懷員工並同時發展其潛能重视关怀员工并同时发展其潜能
Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship 企業公民 企业公民

We are committed to social, legal, ethical, environmental and economic responsibilities打造合規體系建設完整打造合规体系建设完整
Safety and Security

Safety and Security 安全和保障 安全和保障

We develop and deliver best practices that uphold the safety and security of our customers and staff安全保安為首保障客戶及員工 安全保安为首保障客户及员工
Efficient Management

Efficient Management 高效管理 高效管理

We manage our process and work with no waste of time and resources but to maximize the productivity以高效全面提升管理及工作效益 以高效全面提升管理及工作效益
Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions 創新解決方案 创新解决方案

We incorporate our all-rounded expertise to constantly innovate and enhance our solutions融匯各方專業知識創新優化服務方案融汇各方专业知识创新优化服务方案
Recognized Partner

Recognized Partner 認可合作夥伴 认可合作伙伴

We work to our best to become a recognized business partners by our customers and the industry alike致力成為被受客戶及同行認可的業務夥伴 致力成為被受客戶及同行認可的業務夥伴
Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development 可持續發展 可持续发展

We endeavor to achieve sustainability, to build an excellent organization 全面努力成為可持續發展的優秀企業 全面努力成为可持续发展的优秀企业